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Sunday, January 4, 2015

ENGLISH version: Selahattin Demirtas: #TURKISH #KURD Leader

Selahattin Demirtas: new leader of the left in Turkey 
and "great leader” of  Kurds (in French) 

Published August 13, 2014 by anne

As highlighted Turkish analysts as Nilüfer Göle or Samim Akgönül if
Tayyip Erdogan was elected in the first round in the presidential election, the other winner of this
Selahattin Demirtas election is (HDP) that with very few resources successfully
convince 10% of voters. An increase of 50% compared to the votes that
harvested his party HDP / BDP provincial elections of 30 March.

Melda Onur, CHP MP Eskisehir, just call it a new leader
left. And it is true that he who presented himself as the candidate of "all
oppressed "not only the Kurdish minorities and supporters of the BDP, has
seduced beyond the traditional electorate of the Kurdish party. He even got 14
% Of the vote in Istanbul islands (for 9.2 and 220,000 additional votes
throughout the megalopolis) where it does not seem to be enthusiasts Recep
Tayyip Erdogan (28% of the vote). In 2011 the BDP are obtained as 5.3. And I think
not that the islands have hosted a large Kurdish migratory wave since.

A share of 1 million more votes compared to March 30 (4,000,000 / 3
million) is certainly to be attributed to the Turks left, which for the first time
voted for a Kurdish candidate HDP / BDP. A phenomenon that only gets
confirmed elsewhere. In 2011 Turkish voters desperate already left by the
CHP or disappointed by the AKP that some had joined in 2007 (and probably a good
part of the Christian minority) had chosen to vote BDP. In the cities of
west of the country, relations between Kurdish associations BDP network and other
civil society, especially the application for the popular Istanbul Sirri
Sürreyya Önder it had contributed significantly (it was still there to be a Turk
in this love story - like a Kurdish friend who naturally exaggerating …)

But how much do they really represent in this impressive growth,
especially in a time so short (5 months)? It is indeed in the cities of the West
and the Mediterranean, far left, of course, but especially where Kurds are
many live, he just made ​​breakthroughs the most significant, as
Istanbul, Mersin, Adana, Izmir and I will not forget this time Gaziantep. The party
Kurdish (HDP) is long established, but was struggling to win against the
AKP powerful networks. Kurdish vote are certainly not alone explains
Demirtas score that obtains (and except in Adana and Antep are not reached 10%) but
it is likely anyway, as that Mus   (Province in March yet
AKP elected a mayor and voted this time to 62% Demirtas), many voters
Kurdish AKP - and CHP Alevi Kurds - also chose this time
give voice to Selahattin Demirtas.

The province of Eskisehir on the left has not done much to
the emergence of the new leader of the left: only 2.5% of the electorate voted to
Demirtas Maybe fidelity to its mayor, the activists of the CHP had acclaimed
to be their presidential candidate ... But it is also likely that the profile
candidate of the left there are not too pleased.

Hopa on the Black Sea, which was from Laz singer Kazim Koyuncu continues
resist Caesar Kasimpasa. She gave 4.5% of its votes in the Kurdish candidate. A
real anomaly in this region where Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Rizeli of Kasimpasa)
is acclaimed: 80% of the vote in Rize or Bayburt where only ... 0.75% of voters
votépour Selahattin Demirtas of the PKK.

Selahattin Demirtas, Diyarbakir

But it is especially in the 11 Kurdish provinces already acquired BDP (for 10
of them), he did explode scores already very honorable that his party had there
obtained in March. In 7 provinces, he gets more than 60% of the vote, confirming
the Kurdish party is the primary beneficiary of the peace process. It has
contributed to a "reconciliation" between Kurds, who had been torn by years
from dirty war. A phenomenon that was already well underway, but cease-fire and
promise of peace have accelerated. A "reconciliation" already completed Yüksekova where
it's been ages that even Korucu villages (village guards used as
auxiliaries by the army) vote massively for the Kurdish party. Or
to Roboski (Uludere) where they had not waited the massacre of 33 young
Smugglers F16 by the Turkish army to do so.

The Zeydan family (clan Piyanis) rallies the BDP Hakkari December 3, 2013

Last December in Hakkari, the city that had elected Selahattin Demirtas as
MP in 2011, the family of the long indéboulonnable MP CHP, DYP
then AKP Mustafa Zeydan (deceased there are few), and with it his aşiret (clan)
of Piynaşi, who said his joining the BDP in a solemn ceremony
attended by the mayors of all the municipalities of the province and attended
thousands of people. The new "leader" of the clan stressed that there is the call to
make peace launched by Abdullah Öcalan motivated this decision. She had
started with a funeral (Mevlit) given in memory of 2 members
family killed in PKK. The event was of such importance that he gave
place on 120 reviews Section of Yüksekova Haber.

This "reconciliation" between Kurds, in which "the Party" has contributed (and of course
AKP, which has managed to impose a cease-fire to the bilateral military and to
Öcalan in the center of the peace process) enabled the BDP to win seats
AKP as strong or Mardin Agri. Selahattin Demirtas then impose it

The war the jihadists are the Kurds of Iraq and Syria and which are
from many Kurdish fighters in Turkey and Iran and the tragedy of
Christians and especially Yezidi Kurds in Sinjar whose fate is worse, has
further strengthen this fraternity . In my view, the ability to maintain this good
result in the next election, and especially to advance over the
10% mark (which would allow the HDP to appear as a party and at least
triple its number of members) probably depend even more on the way
which will change the relationship between Kurdish factions in Iraq and Syria as the left

The results of the August 10 also show that the Kurdish party is no longer limited to being a "
regionalist party ", as rightly termed Jean François Perugia there is a
decade, in an article in a magazine which I forgot the name. It becomes a party
national in scope. Or at least the national space where Kurds are located
since the great migrations of 80-90 years. It was not asking for it
First semi underground where successive prohibited have long forced
stay and be integrated into the national political game.

It''sa constitutional reform of the AKP, making it more difficult to dissolve a
party, which has allowed. It was primarily intended to defend it is true the party
government after the threats posed to him that had the attacks of the
Constitutional Court in 2007. The Kurdish party has benefited. And large elected raids
and BDP frameworks ( and many unionists often forgotten) for
rolling the, which followed two years later succeeded only further its solder
electorate. "And to encourage the renewal of cadres" added a Kurdish friend
knows the subject well.

The dam of 10% which was established to prevent the Islamist party and especially the
Kurdish party to enter Parliament, has never been removed by cons. The AKP hoped
well as the 2011 elections it would also provide a barrier against the MHP, which
would have enabled it to obtain 2/3 of Members required to develop a new
House Constitution. Bet wasted, as the far-right party won more than 10% of

The Kurds, for their part had waived their unproductive alliances (for some
like the others) with parties of the Turkish left and chose to present
independent candidates. They had to learn to organize and discipline
their electorate (especially their candidates, who at first had experience
sometimes tended to go "fishing for votes" in the backyard of the neighbor). But
after a semi failure in 2007, 36 deputies were elected in the 2011 Assembly
movement had started to become one of the Kurds, minorities and
Turkish left, presenting some MPs from non-Kurdish movements
PKK as Şerafettin Elci; Turkish left and Ertuğrul Kürkçü and Sirri
Surreyya Önder or Erol Dora, the first Christian Syriac MP to sit in a
Assembly since the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

Preventive prison elected were not allowed to sit there and conviction
timely gave the seat handily won by Hatip Dicle in Diyarbakir in
an AKP MP. But the voice of the Kurdish movement could begin to be
heard in Ankara, the heart of the Republic.

At least as an opening to the Turkish left is this double movement
reconciliation between Kurds and openness to the national space where Kurds are
implanted, that probably did embody Selahattin Demirtas and wear.

If he has arguably become the new leader of the left in Turkey, which remains
confirm it is in any case well become the "great leader" of the Kurds (and

I do not know if it was or was not the favorite candidate of the other Kurdish leader Abdullah
Öcalan or if the choice was imposed by "the Party" (and Qandil), where many
feared that the HDP became a Turkish Kurdish party (ie dominated by
Turkish left). What is certain is that the Kurdish party, in which during
long (very) strict party discipline prevailed on individuals and the only
personality allowed to say (to radiate rather) was its founder Abdullah
Öcalan, becomes a modern party. This change is the logical consequence of the
output of the Kurdish party of the semi underground.

Does "the boss of the Kurds", to quote a girl of Rennes, which has not
Dolphin (and woman, or nephew to assist him) will accept this sharing of
leadership? After all the two-presidency has become a way of governance
within the BDP. Usually with a (an) representative (s) of both sexes, but there may well
have some sprains. (Possible by cons he would rather share the task
with (e) "Kurdish less" than him).

Selahattin Demirtas and Bekir Kaya, the mayor of Van
And within a generation, as Selahattin Demirtas, was a child when
the coup of 1980 and barely a teenager in 1984, other strong personalities
emerge and assert themselves at the head of some large municipalities such as Bekir
Kaya in Van.
"In the BDP, we vote for the party, if the party had you, you'd voted" one told me
girlfriend Diyarbakir before the elections of March 30. In Hakkari, I may be a
small chance of being elected (maybe it will be different in the next municipal). But
Van, I would surely have made ​​the heyday of the AKP candidate. That way at least
city ​​of Van is well managed.

Selahttin Demirtas, deputy of Hakkari

This generation has started campaigning in full dirty war, is often more
suspicious with respect to the Turkish left. Not without reason. It's just if
some Turkish leftist intellectuals "pro Kurdish" does not qualify them as "sold
AKP "and gravediggers of democracy, there are a few more weeks.

Shortly after the appointment of Demirtas as a candidate for president of the HDP, the
Turkish journalist "pro Kurdish" Nuray Mert described him as "weak candidate" , Which according to she would have been imposed by the AKP Ocalan It does not say whether Riza Turmen (CHP MP Izmir) was the "strong candidate" Apo would have preferred. It is probable. But
Mus Kurds would certainly have continued to vote Erdogan.

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