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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Money is Not Speech .. SAT JAN !8 ..NYC

For Immediate Release: Citizens United Day of Action

Contact: Marni Halasa
Cell: 917-501-9444
January 14, 2013

New York, NY:   The Occupy Action Council and Occu-Evolve of Occupy Wall Street will hold a day of action Saturday, January 18, 2014, on the 4th Anniversary of the 2010 landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. 

The action will begin with a press conference at 12 pm noon at Zuccotti Park, followed by a march/walking tour of the Federal Reserve and several of the large banks in the financial district.

Rejecting corporate spending limits in political campaigns, Citizens United essentially sanctioned corporate influence over virtually every branch of our government.  But Occupy Wall Street and other groups are fighting back, allied with the growing solidarity of the American people.  Currently, more than a million citizens have signed online petitions to curb corporate power.  Additionally, state legislators, city and town governments as well as unions have passed measures in 23 states demanding Congress pass a constitutional amendment to reassert and elevate the political speech of individual citizens.

Yet despite such support, our fight is growing more urgent.  Based on Chief Justice John Roberts' comments during oral arguments in the most recent campaign contribution case, McCutcheon vs Federal Election Commission, some have speculated the court may settle on a hybrid approach eliminating aggregating contribution limits.  According to an analysis by Public Citizen, donors could still write a single check of more than $2.5 million to a joint fundraising committee. A complete elimination of aggregate limits, stated the study, would permit a single donor to write a $5.9 million check to a fundraising committee controlled by an elected official or party leader.

In a nation that is supposedly ruled by the majority, the growing legal and financial privilege of corporations is not acceptable. 

Creating a vehicle to voice the public's frustration, Occupy Wall Street has uniquely choreographed a protest that includes speakers and theatrical performance. The day will begin with a press conference at 12 pm noon at Zuccotti Park, followed by a march/walking tour of the large 'Too Big to Fail' banks and Federal Reserve -- entities which have greatly benefited from 'Citzens United.' 
The day will conclude with a mock wedding at the Federal Steps. 
Since its inception, Occupy Wall Street has had a long-term commitment to bring greater public awareness to the issue of corporate influence, abetted by government collusion, and to eventually overturn Citizens United and related decisions to get money out of politics. 

For additional information about the action, please contact Marni Halasa.  
For more information about ongoing actions, go to 
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or call Sumumba Sobukwe SS Neely at 347-766-4191. 

Marni Halasa
Occupy Action Council