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Friday, August 24, 2012

Medicare Change is reduction in Deficit..not Care

HERE is an LTE I sent our local paper. If you like it and want me to address it to your paper let me know I will.
AFTER seeing that Medicare Change LIE respoken and PRINTED by you in Tell it to the ER today, 
I would like to respond.
There seems to be some confusion about the reduction in the deficit Obama negotiated for Obamacare, so let me explain it on a personal level.
Your mom (or dad or you) 
are on Medicare. Mom is prescribed a $1,000 wheelchair, which is what the supplier charges to us taxpayers. (Although he buys it from China for $250, e.g. making a 300% profit.) Your Mom gets the chair, as usual, from Medicare at no cost to her. Obama has negotiated a reduction in your payment as a taxpayer to the supplier to $750. Now he is making $500, only a 200% profit. (and American workers are making zero!) Multiply this times 3 BILLION. This is what the 'change' in Medicare means.
All Moms still get wheelchairs, your costs as a taxpayer are reduced by $750 BILLION. The people taking the reduction in payments are now only making 200% profits. Not a bad deal, even if you are a wheelchair dealer. Or even if you are a doctor as I am, I will get a bit less. I have accepted reduced Medicare payments because it means the elderly are getting care. I remember when they didn't.
Under Romney/Ryan's Voucher System we are back to that. The wheelchair now costs your Mom $1000 from her voucher. One day in hospital will use up the other $5000, because full costs are passed on to Seniors. After that, next year, and every year after, she pays full costs in cash or she doesn't get care or medicine. Simple…and very, very deadly. These are your death panels.
It is your 'choice.'

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