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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I AM HUMAN .... Video for Arab Spring

Sharing this here, please pass on. It is in Arabic but the translation is below. It is made 'unprofessionally' on purpose to show that it was created by just another person like you and me.

I AM HUMAN ... an ArabSpring video.

Here is English Translation: 

"I am a human being.
I am NOT sick.
I am NOT in need of a cure.
I am NOT wrong.
I am NOT a pervert.
I am NOT a criminal.
I AM gay.
I am a person like you.
And see, I drink coffee too!
I am a member of the society.
I am your friend, I am your neighbor.
I am an Arab and I am Egyptian. I am NOT imported.
I love and I feel sorrow. And I work and I study. Like you.
I am NOT a pervert.
I am a very ordinary human being.
You do not have to like me. But you have to treat me with RESPECT.
I am NOT a criminal.
I am your brother. I am your son.
I am gay.
Put your hand in mine and speak up for equality, tolerance and respect for all.
Speak up with me against hate, against ignorance against discrimination.
With your hand in mine, we can make a difference. We will be able to create change in society, change in people's attitudes and in the way they think."

Let us work together to end the hate, end the ignorance. LGBT and non-LGBT Arabs must SPEAK UP for EQUALITY of ALL Arabs. The UN Declaration of Human Rights is UNIVERSAL - without exception. WE CAN DO IT!

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