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Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I Am Ashamed of OCCUPY.

This is in response to a fb friend asking about this post of mine sent out as both tweet and as fb status. 'Occupy Chicago anti-NATO protesters begin gathering before marching to Boeing headquarters for a rally - @Suntimes WTF?! And this helps we 99% exactly how again? OCCUPY was so determined not to get co-opted by politics?! They are now run by anarchists, pacifists and Assad trolls! Great job guys and gals! You should all be in WISCONSIN!' APPARENTLY that wasn't clear enough, so a bit more elucidation. It is simple just sit and watch as I have since the very beginning of Occupy. I also joined and talked to those in my small town. And we have been able to follow all OCCUPYWallStrret General Assembly discussions via the great tweet threads by @diceytroop etc. And for Oakland, in video by @oakfosho great first hand video pieces. It was obvious even in my little town, they are dominated by 'anarchist-pacifists, using their rules of procedures etc. True believers claimed they would not be used by 'others agendas' but it is obvious this weekend that they have and are being so used.   NATO has brought freedom successfully to every country it has been sent to. No one in civilized post WWII world doesn't know that in their hearts and minds. It is the new world force for good! The ONLY people in the world who don't like Peace work NATO has done are pacifists, anarchists, and despots afraid of being overthrown for a democracy. many of you may not remember Bosnia or Serbia, but look them up! We all saw how NATO helped the Libyans do it? Was that wrong? To pacifists it is. To Gaddafi and Mubarak and Assad it was. The Afghan War is ALL BUSH's doing w NATO as 'cover'.  Currently it is ASSAD most likely to be ousted by revolution. His trolls are on twitter esp with cute pics and nasty things to say about drones and Israel and the foreign terrorists as Assad calls his own citizens! Those aren't real  MENA citizens they are trolls!  WAKE UP to the new global reality.  It is too bad the youngsters of Occupy, only with intentions to help the American 99% are gone! smothered by these new anti-NATO ideologues. I, for one, am ashamed of them for being so gullible, and not adhering to their own stated principles.  ..and if WALKER wins in Wisconsin because of this letdown in support of the 99% I for one will blame OCCUPY for it! Or maybe a KOCH troll or two perhaps has been helping divert their energy to Chicago?