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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Want to repeal OBAMACARE? Why on earth would you say that?

Here are two well presented explanations for retention of 'Obamacare'... and already so many of us are benefitting!  The only reason the RightWing want it 'abandoned' is because it is cutting into the blood-money profits our FOR PROFIT(only) BIG HEALTH INSURANCE system is raking in now.. and its your blood and your families!
First, last night Gov. Jen Granholm did this great presentation of why we needed, and what we got (so far) with Obamacare. Watch and learn.  Gov Gen Granholm: On OBAMACARE (YouTube link)

Then to reinforce that, here is a letter in our local paper I am proud to present to explain it again in printed words. What part do you  not understand. Wake up and try to, it is your life and that of your families that is at stake here. 

In her Monday letter, XX writes that she is for repealing "Obamacare." BUT WHICH PART? 

Does XX want to repeal the provision where Medicare now covers all preventative care without deductibles or co-pays? 
Does she want to repeal the provision where insurance corporations will have to do the same thing for everyone? 
Does she want to repeal the provision requiring insurance corporations to cover dependents up to the age of 26? 
Does she want to do away with the provision that outlaws insurance corporations from refusing to cover "pre-existing" conditions, or refusing to pay for people whom they deem are too sick? 
Does she want to repeal the provision that takes effect in 2014 requiring that everyone who falls within 133 percent of the federal poverty level, will be covered by Medicaid and that Medicaid will pay doctors Medicare rates, and so many more benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act?

Of course I support improved Medicare for all and eliminating the FOR PROFIT (Only) insurance corporations, but at least President Barack Obama and the previous Democratic Congress declared the right for every American to have health care.

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