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Friday, February 3, 2012

DAM has BROKEN: Its too late for KOMEN to Reverse PP decision

"Susan G. Komen For The Cure has just reversed its decision to drop Planned Parenthood funding, after a week of national outrage that took the Texas-based cancer non-profit by surprise."   KOMEN Reverses and Apologizes

But it is far too late for that. See this KOS piece w links on charity rating monitor re KOMEN falling to a one star... even before this decision! Komen supporters jumping ship on*  As is noted, 

"people have been uncomfortable with SGK's marketing, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (my cap), and pushing small groups around over copyright and trademark. This Planned Parenthood thing has just finally pushed them over the edge." 

As a physician, I am very concerned. They made a medically unethical decision without hesitating.  Just how many others have they made over the years? If they allowed one big funder to tell them to do this, what pressure have they bowed too previously from Big for-profit Health? You know the Right Wing/Big Health mantra is 'die quick, die cheap'...and that most especially goes for women. 

I am about to propose to those who ask, that any woman getting treated for breast cancer discuss with her doctor if he uses any KOMEN funded research, asks why...and then asks to be treated by another standard! 

Actually, I guess I have just done that, for any woman or family member who reads this. I am serious, this was a very medically unethical decision that they didn't even notice it as such.


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  2. I also posted this ...modified a bit. to Daily KOS as a diary.
    It can be found here.