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Friday, January 27, 2012

Equals in every way!

Here from a fb status, writer said could be shared:


We are in every city of every nation. We are of every race and class. We are your neighbors, your policemen, your doctors, your firemen, your teachers, your cooks, your soldiers, we are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. We are homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender..and even identify as queer.  We are your equals in every sense of the word. We deserve a voice, we deserve to be heard, we deserve to be recognized and afforded the same protections as any minority against intolerance, hate, bigotry and discrimination. We, just like you, deserve to feel safe at home, at work, at play and in the community. We deserve representation on the political stage. We deserve your compassion, empathy, respect and recognition. We deserve to have what you and we once fought for but now only you enjoy. Grant us equality and freedom from persecution for our values and for our thoughts. We deserve the full measure of freedom that our nation can offer. We will not settle for anything less!

Also, watch COUNTDOWN segment where DAN SAVAGE discusses current failures of hate groups to stop equality.

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