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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NOTE: To the WHITEHOUSE 11/16/11

I am being forced to leave this comment under a lot of blogs today that seem so irrelevant now...  What is the use of 'Having Rights under our Constitution' if

'Now that Obama's DHS has decided that anyone in US who wants 'rights' is a terrorist and is liable therefore to warrantless arrest at any moment!

WAKE UP AMERICA. Join the 99% or be in Guantanamo or another private Concentration Camp like the 61 ICE camps we already have here!'

Don't like to have to do it. But after suffering through Mayor (Chancellor) Bloomberg's NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES... excerpted here

'Instead it seems Chancellor Bloomberg chose his version of Night of the Long Knives, 11/14/11, as his goons (those weren't NYPD, they were acting as agents of the DHS who apparantly not having other ones to chase now, has decided that all American citizens who actually want Constitutional Rights are 'terrorists'.)

 Doing this they violated not just First Amendment Rights, but also Fourth Amendment as they 'perfomed' brutal warrantless seizure of all of OWS possessions. For example stealing the tent, clothes, sleeping bag, food, backpack and 3 years of art drawings of one young man.. all he owned in the world. He saw them tossed in a dumpster right before his eyes at 1:30 AM.

They destroyed all the winter tents that OWS had purchased at a cost of $1,000 each via slashing and rending. They cut into the medical tent when there were still patients inside, no care being taken for their welfare. They then, without warrant, seized all the worldly possessions of the protestors and threw them all into dumpsters, including over 5,000 books of their catalogued library. They destroyed all the kitchen equipment and food. Then proceeded to UNLAWFULLY arrest these peaceful protestors after destroying their belongings.

Then subsequent to buying a Judge into ruling an ILLEGAL 'No Camping' law for Zuccotti Park, they proceeded to set up perimeter guards and would not let those in this new Concentration Camp, have adequate clothing, lie down, have any food or water  or cover the meager books they had recollected.

And you wonder why there is an Occupy Movement? Just you wait."

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