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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Comment unacceptable to HUFFPO

I will just blog this because HUFFPO won't post it.

This is the article: 
Joe Paterno Fired: Penn State Football Coach Removed By Board Of Trustees After Scandal (VIDEO)

mtnlife96 Left this wise comment:
It is inconceiva­ble to me that any adult could witness a crime against a child and not act immediatel­y to come to the aid of the victim and immediatel­y summon law enforcemen­t. Of course, the churchinro­me set the standard for institutio­nal tolerance of pedophilia and now, another prominent organizati­on has followed that example. Everyone involved in this matter should not only be fired, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as accomplice­s to the crimes that occurred from the moment that they had any knowledge.

and here is my 'unacceptable' reply: 

Agree, this should have been done immediately. However, the 1998 case should have been prosecuted, then we wouldn't have gotten to 2002, or worse as we know, to 2011!
I also want to know what Pennsylvanians think of two regional Attorney's General and the Attorney General of their state who would not prosecute the case when it was sent to him  in 2009! The poor boys had to take it to the Grand Jury. Huzzah for that Grand Jury! That AG was Tom Corbett, current Governor.

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