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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Please POKE NOW... a share.

Oh, this is so good... Re Egyptian Army loving to do 'VIRGINITY' checks on all females they chose to! ....( and if that isn't kinky I don't know what is.)
So from  Jonamorem.. Words and Swords
"You know of course that to the army of Egypt knowing the virginity of a revolutionary is of vital importance. Because - no doubt about it - you're either a virgin or a direct threat to the national security. In fact, if you get caught sharing a tent at Tahrir square virginity is basically erased automatically. It must have something to do with the poles they use to prop these tents up or something. I am no expert in this, but the army knows. And they know too - for this is what their accusation ran into - that if you're not a virgin you're  automatically a whore, a prostitute. What else could you possibly be?"

and there is more!  Go read for the punch line! (pun intended)

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