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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Advisers Sway OBAMA! ... Valuable Insight.

This is TOP STORY on Mike Allen's PLAYBOOK today.
 Important insight for discussions with OBAMA!!

MELODY BARNES , White House domestic policy advisor, in an onstage interview with Ron Brownstein at the Aspen Ideas Festival, on how advisers can change President Obama's mind: "He is an active consumer of facts and information ... He wants everybody to bring their perspective to the table. And so if he feels as though that hasn't happened, he will kind of march around the table to try and make sure that he's got input from everyone. ...

But even after he gathers that information, there are times when he'll look at us and he will say, 'OK,' for example, 'that's an argument that a policy wonk might like. But that sounds like something the American people - the average person - would think is stupid.' ... Or he will say, 'That's just not fair. How in the world do you expect me to go out and to say to people, "I'm going to do x and y," when ... that's not fair, and it's not substantively fair. So go back, and let's reassess and come back to me and give me greater options.' ... 

"So I would say it's data and information, that he consumes heartily. But it is also a sense that I think comes from his experience working in community, being a community organizer. ... There are often times when we provide him with paper and information and he'll say, 'I want to discuss - let's talk about this' or 'I want to hear more of it.' And I know that he does care about the passion and the vigor of the argument. I think what he cares about is that that exists in all of us that he's accumulated as his senior staff, and putting that out in front: 'Why do you care about that? ... Why is that so meaningful to you?' And he will pull people aside after a meeting and say, 'I know you care about that. Tell me what else is going on here.'" 

SO GET HIM OUR STORIES.... our FAMILIES STORIES.. Flood the WHITEHOUSE!. Such as the one tweeted after New York passed Marriage law. Grown man was ecstatic that now he could give his MOTHERS! the Wedding they always should have been able to have had!

We want RESPECT for all Couples and Families ...and the AMA has just endorsed Marriage Equality. They acknowledge people live happier and healthier lives when in household of married couple. 

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