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Monday, May 23, 2011

@MHarrisPerry TWEETLINE for #BOBlackWin & #BOBlackFail

MHarrisPerry Melissa Harris-Perry
Next several tweets are a few thoughts on black focused accomplishments & failures of Obama admin. Using hashtags #BOBlackWin #BOBlackFail
31 minutes ago

I am just hoping to give some sense of where I am coming from as I assess this administration on race @LindaHusser

Focusing on African American issues because spent several days in robust debate about whether BO is good/bad for black ppl. @LindaHusser

WIN and FAIL are just easy for a hashtag, not meant to be a global assessment of the presidency. @LindaHusser

RT @KathaPollitt Failed to stop stampede to block abortion coverage in HCR. Black women most affected, proportionately. #BOBlackFail

Increased funding available for federal student loans. Disproportionate positive impact on AfAm students. #BOBlackWin

Ended Bush-era no-bid contracting meaning minority business owners once again had fairer shot at fed contracts. #BOBlackWin

Passed Health Care Reform, but did poor job of defending or explaining it in coherent fashion. #BOBlackWin and #BOBlackFail

Did not use either of his SCOTUS nominating opportunities for an African American. Left Thomas as only brother on Court. #BOBlackFail

Has very long lag times between meetings with Congressional Black Caucus. Often more than a year. #BOBlackFail

Brought hip-hop to the White House. #BoBlackFail or decide

Signed Hunger Free Kids Act to increase federal $ to provide quality meals to low-income children. #BOBlackWin

Signed extension of Ryan white HIV Act for federal $ for HIV treatment. Blacks most affected by the disease. #BOBlackWin
20 minutes ago

MHarrisPerry Melissa Harris-Perry
Failed to offer swift or sufficient public support to Van Jones or Shirley Sherrod. #BOBlackFail

Signed Lily Ledbetter equal pay act for women. High impact for black women whose wages make up large % of black income. #BOBlackWin

White House Initiative on HBCUs uses executive order to give $98million increase to HBCUs. #BOBlackWin

Dept of Educ policies give preferential treatment to often unproved charter schools. #BOBlackFa

Department of HUD refuses to settle on $ for its discriminatory policy in The Road Home program. #BOBlackFail

Dept of Agriculture finally settled on $ for Pigford case sending millions to black farmers for past discrimination. #BOBlackWin

Dept of Justice restarted (after 8 yrs) aggressive prosecution of employment discrimination cases. #BOBlackWin

2010 Fair Sentencing Act reduced racial disparity in crack/powder sentencing w/ potential impact on black incarceration. #BOBlackWin

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